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The Mother Earth Memorial Award


The Board of Directors of the Imperial Council of Courts and the Orange County Imperial Court established the Mother Earth Memorial Award in 1977 to commemorate the life of this outstanding member. The award is presented annually to the person or persons that the Board of Directors of OCIC feels best exemplifies the spirit of Mother Earth. That is, any individual and or individuals whose contributions benefit the community at large positively. Robin Troy Donahue, was born, raised and lived all her life in Orange County. As she grew to adulthood, her vision of an openly gay community became a reality. She believed that the closeted community of the 70's needed an organization that they could be proud of and call their own. In 1973, she set the wheels in motion and was instrumental in forming the Orange County Imperial Court System. 

She served our fine organization as Imperial Princess Regent I and was elected by an outstanding margin the following year as Empress II. Her accomplishments as Empress II include: "Mother Earth Bulging Globe Awards", "The Doll of the Year Pageant", and the first "Mr., Miss, and Ms. Gay Orange County" contests. Mother Earth also served as Empress Regent III in 1975. Additionally, she was a major supporter and organizer of the Imperial Council of Courts and actively contributed to the re-organization and re-writing of its constitution (by-laws). Mother Earth was a columnist for Data Boy Magazine and the late Male Express. She also started her own Orange County newspaper known as The Orange County Court Reporter. 

Mother Earth was a tenacious believer in the power of our youth and worked tirelessly to nurture strengths for the improvement of themselves and the community. Ultimately, they would become the achievers and leaders of an accepting society.

The only thing larger than her person was her heart. Everyone that met Mother Earth would realize this as he or she got to know this wonderful human being. Her untimely passing on September 1, 1976 left a large void in her beloved Orange County community and in the lives of the many that knew her the world over. 

We honor Mother Earth for her determination and the courage she had to achieve all that she did. All recipients of this prestigious award have been recognized for their great contributions in their communities and all of Southern California. 

This organization is forever grateful to one of our founders, Mother Earth. 

 We are here because of her beliefs. 

Past Recipients

bulletEmperor Hope, 1977
bulletEmperor Marty, 1978
bulletEmperor Frank Vel, 1979
bulletEmperor Bobby Kyle, 1980
bulletQueen Mother Megan Ross, 1981
bulletUncle Leonard, 1982
bulletEmpress Kathy Apple, 1983
bulletVirginia and Ruby, 1984
bulletMichael Cole, 1985
bulletEmperor Suzie Apple, 1986
bulletEmpress Juanita, 1987
bulletEmperor Ellen Abel, 1988
bulletEmpress Chu Chu, 1989
bulletEmperor L C, 1990
bulletEmpress Nicole Ramirez Murray, 1991
bulletRobert Gentry, 1992
bulletRay and Noreen Maiorano, 1993
bulletGeorgia Garrett-Norris, 1994
bulletEmpress Pauline St. James, 1995
bulletBrandy Wagner, 1995
bulletEmpress Irene, 1996
bulletEmpress Boom Boom, 1996
bulletEmpress Liz St. James, 1996
bulletEmperor Ms. Jo, 1997
bulletEmpress Judy De Vander Vogue, 1998
bulletBill La Point, 1998
bulletEmpress Karina, 1999
bulletEmpress Jose I, 2000
bulletAlthea Ingram, 2001
bulletEmpress Desirey Benavides, 2002
bulletEmpress Susan Lucci, 2003
bulletEmpress Lisa Landree, 2004
bulletJeff Tucker, 2005
bulletSujata Lalla-Reddy, MD, 2006
bulletMistress Cynthia Wright, 2007
bullet Dolly Levi, 2008
bullet Emperor Daddy Rick, 2009

Emperor Richard Brown , 2010

bullet Empress Regina, 2011
bullet Little Lee Kashitani, 2012
bullet Empress Britany Halston, 2013




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