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St. James Family Honors

Empress 31 Lisa Landree St. James at her step down April 2004, proclaimed The St. James Family will be known as the “First Family of Orange County”

The St James Family was founded in 1969 in the San Francisco Bay Area   Paul H. saw many Lesbians and Gay Men being disowned by their families when they came out or were outed. 

Paul, in the persona of Pauline St James started helping them to find the things that they needed.  She began with a Thanksgiving dinner at her home for 35 of those without families or homes to go to. Pauline began adopting people into her extended family, and looking for ways to help those members of her community so desperately in need.


In 1972 Pauline moved to Southern California and joined the Court System.  She continued growing her family, adopting people we've all come to love here in Orange County like Liz St James, Lisa Landree St James, and Linda Roberts St James and many many others..  Over the past 40 years the family has grown in wild offshoots all over, and now there are branches in the Bay Area, Here in the Southland, St Louis, Connecticut and Ohio to name just a few.  Pauline has been quoted as saying "its not a family tree, it's Kudzu!"   Through all of those generations though, one thing has remained strong, the ideal to help other people in our community. 

The Orange County Imperial Court established the St. James Family Honors in 2005 to commemorate the hard work and service to the community that the St. James Family
has been doing all these years. The award is presented annually to the Family, Business
or Organization that works as a team to the betterment of the LGBT community.

We honor the St. James Family for their dedication and achievements in Orange County, because if we could all be like them, then there would be no one who had no home or family to go to on a Holliday, and the work that Pauline St James started over 40 years ago, and so many of us have taken up since, could finally be said to be completed.

All recipients of this prestigious award have been recognized for their
great contributions in their communities and all of Southern California.

The Board of Directors
Orange County Imperial Court Inc.

Past Recipients


2005 Good Samaritan M C C - Whittier CA

2006 AIDS Service Foundation - Orange County CA

2007 Christopher Wahl Youth Center - Whittier CA

2008 The Frat House - Garden Grove CA

2009 The Gem Theater - Garden Grove CA

2010 Metro Q - Huntington Beach CA

2011 The Center Orange County - Santa Ana CA

2012 The Buena Park Holiday Inn -Buena Park CA

2013 The Animal Assistance League of Orange County - Midway City CA






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