Imperial Family



The Imperial Family                                             

'75 Emperor I Keith Queen Mother I Lady "G" Empress I Georgia
'76 Emperor II Gary Queen Mother II Pooh Bear Empress II Mother Earth
'77 Emperor III Chuck Queen Mother III Darlene Empress II Mother Earth
'78 Emperor IV Kenny Queen Mother IV Tiffany Empress IV Candy
'79 Emperor V Patrick Queen Mother V Pat Empress V Aloha
'80 Emperor VI Dean Queen Mother VI Pauline Empress VI Amanda
'81 Emperor VII Jim Queen Mother VII Lady Jan Empress VII Juanita
'82 Emperor VIII Fred Queen Mother VIII Melissa Empress VIII Liz
'83 Emperor IX Nat Empress IX Regina
'84 Emperor X Jerry Empress X "D"
'85 Emperor XI Daddy Rick Empress XI Pauline
'86 Emperor XII Joe Empress XII Dana
'87 Emperor XIII Lorenzo Empress XIII Juanita
'88 Emperor XIV Eddie Empress XIV Tracye
'89 Emperor XV Jeff Empress XV Desiree
'90 Emperor XVI Gary Empress XVI Andrea
'91 Emperor XVII Jeff Empress XVII Pauline
'92 Empress XVIII Tracye 
'93 Emperor XIX Tiny Empress XIX Eve
'94 Emperor XX Mom Empress XX Michelle
'95 Reign XXI The Board of Directors*
'96 Emperor XXII Jarrett-Charles Empress XXII Deja
'97 Emperor XXIII Jarrett-Charles Empress XXIII Sabreena
'98 Emperor XXIV Birdie Empress XXIV Lisa Landree
'99 Empress XXV Britney Halston
'00 Emperor XXVI Ricardo Ramirez
'01 Emperor XXVII Bruce Bissell Empress XXVII Liz St. James
'02 Emperor Eric McCray* Empress XXVIII Britney Halston
'03 Emperor XXIX Richard Brown Empress XXIX Desirey Benavides
'04 Emperor XXX BearTrapRuss Empress XXX Agusta Wind
'05 Empress XXXI Lisa Landree
'06 Emperor XXXII Steve St. James Empress XXXII Lynda Roberts St. James
'07 Emperor XXXIII Ricardo Ramirez Empress XXXIII Tiffany Cartier
'08 Emperor XXXIV Linda Landree St. James

Empress XXXIV Candy Cartier St. James

'09 Emperor XXXV Behrmeister St. James Emppress XXXV Ginger Cartier St. James
'10 Emperor XXXVI Ben Halston St. James Empress XXXVI Hara Halston St. James
'11 Emperor XXXVII Hope
'12 Emperor XXXVIII Erick McCray Empress XXXVIII Britney Halston
'13 Emperor XXXIX Kevin Halston McCray Emperess XXXIX Sybil McCray Halston

*Indicates regent for that year.


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