with our Community, Family and Friends
Reign 40
Life is a Beach Party in the OC

Coronation 42
Where do Rainbows Go at Night?
The Dark Side of the Rainbow.
April 2015 - Info Coming Soon


The 41st Reign


Emperor 41 Steve St. James
Emperor 41 Linda Landree-St.James

Emperor 41 Ricardo St. James


Orange County Imperial Court was founded in 1972 with the following goals. The betterment of relations within the community of Orange County with particular emphasis on the homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual and transgender communities. Promotion of the Orange County Empire emphasizing the great beauty, opportunity, entertainment, recreational, business and other attributes. To raise funds to aide the best interests of the community including the establishment of the Harvey Milk Scholarship, the Empress Liz StJames Memorial Burial Fund, and the Charity Trust.

Orange County Imperial Court holds an Annual Coronation Ball in April, where the newest Emperor and Empress are elected and crowned. They are the team leaders that will lend their visions, dreams and expertise to guide our fundraising to help others.